Our mission is to aid you, our clients, in the processes of creating and publishing content to the Internet.


I discovered the wonder of the Internet years ago when few people were using it, yet alone creating any content, way back in the 1990's!

Sensing the communicative potential of this new and amazing medium, and especially the world wide web, I began to learn how to create web pages.  After a time, I had built an entire web site.  Then several web sites!  In the process I had become an Internet promoter to the small businesses, nonprofit, religious, and professional organizations to which my life was dedicated.

Larry Herzog, Founder
Bluedawn Internet

For many of these organizations, I'd became "Webmaster," doing hours of coding and scanning for free, or at a reduced cost compared to those who do web publishing during all of their waking hours.  Working with the Internet is still an enjoyable endeavor, after all these years, and I want and need to share it.  I enjoy the constant call to expand my writing, programming, photography, and graphic arts skills.

While continuing to honor web development commitments I'd made, I realized that there just weren't enough hours in a day to add many more organizations to the list of sites that I personally maintained!  That's why Bluedawn Internet was created.

This medium has grown far beyond a few thousand folks hacking together some HTML code, into a community of millions, who have the potential to share their dreams, passions, and lives with one another, thanks to the quantum advances in web development software.

My goal has always been to create clear, clean, and concise communication.  We at Bluedawn Internet hope to help you do the same.

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